Bringing together health and financial well-being

Medical costs continue to rise steadily year after year. At the same time, COVID-19 presents new economic challenges and cost uncertainties.

Anthem provides a streamlined, single solution that brings together the benefits of integrated healthcare with options for staying financially healthy.

With a portfolio of spending accounts and consumer-driven health plans, Anthem lets you choose coverage that works best for your company and allows your employees to choose coverage that works best for them.

The Anthem advantage

Connected experience
Employees can confidently navigate their health and financial journey through one connected experience. Anthem makes things simple with one debit card for all accounts, one website, one mobile app, and one unified customer service department.

Integrated tools
Employees have seamless access to integrated tools and resources, designed to help them make more informed healthcare decisions and stay engaged in their health, and ultimately deliver better health outcomes.

Total health
When your plan includes the medical, financial, and emotional considerations of your employees, you can reduce employee stress and increase confidence.

The Anthem Spending Accounts portfolio

With Anthem Spending Accounts, you can choose from five benefit or account types to offer: a health savings account (HSA), a health reimbursement account (HRA), healthcare and limited-purpose flexible spending accounts (FSAs), a dependent care FSA, and commuter benefits. Product availability varies by group size. Visit the IRS website or talk to your Anthem Sales representative for more information on determining group size.

The basics

Available to small group, large group, and national employers.

If there is not enough money in the account, employees pay out of pocket until they meet their deductibles. They can later reimburse themselves as funds become available.

Employees can receive a debit card to pay for qualified medical expenses.

Employees can contribute tax-free money to the HSA. As the employer, you may also add money to the account.

Any funds left in the account each year are carried over to the following year and remain with the employee who owns them.

Employees can invest their HSA funds once their HSA balance exceeds $1,000. The interest they earn is tax-free.

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The basics

Available to large group and national employers.

Employees can carry over funds from year to year.

Account is solely funded by the employer with tax-free contributions.

If an employee leaves the company, any unused funds in the account can revert to the employer at the end of the year.

Employees benefit from tax-free reimbursements for qualified expenses.

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The basics

Available to large group and national employers.

All healthcare expenses can be tied to the same debit card.

Available to employees, spouses, and eligible dependents.

They can choose to spend the total amount for the year on day one of their plan.

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The basics

Available to large group and national employers to pair with any of our medical products.

Money can only be used as it is accrued in the account.

Employers set the limit on the amount that can be placed into the accounts each year, up to the maximum set by the IRS.

Employers can choose to include a debit card that employees use to pay for qualified expenses.

Employees fund the accounts by deciding the amount of pretax earnings to place into their FSA.

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The basics

Parking and transit benefits can be offered together or separately.

They pay for qualified transportation costs with a benefits debit card or pay out of pocket and file a claim for reimbursement.

Available to large group and national employers to pair with any of our medical products.

Money left in the account carries over if the employee continues to participate in the plan.

Employees authorize you to deduct a pretax amount for parking or vanpooling/transit from each paycheck.

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The power of Blue

Your employees have access to high-quality care while stretching their dollars further.

1 in 3 Americans  has a Blue card1

1.7 million  unique providers2

54.5%  in-network savings3

96 percent

of U.S. hospitals in our networks1

95 percent

of U.S. doctors in our networks1

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  2. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association: Provider Data Repository (December 2018).
  3. ValueQuest Nationwide Report, 2018.

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